Digital Governance | Think Digital. Behave Digital. Act Digital. Be Digital.

The 4th Industrial Revolution brings new technologies with itself:
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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming the customer experience.

The borders that once separated Physical and Digital worlds are merging and blurring: technologies like voice-command, autonomous cars, and smart devices keep you connected and always-on.

To drive loyalty amongst existing customers and win new customers, delivering an intelligent and compelling experience is now a top-level priority.


DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION = Working in new ways with Technology.

Jumpstart your
DIGITAL Journey.

Digital Transformation is a journey that deeply innovates business at all levels,
integrating it in a new relationship with technology.


Digital Journey is:

Think Digital.


We listen to the stakeholders to retrieve objectives, business requirements and review together potential needs & risks. How to enhance and protect your business processes? How to reduce the delivery time of batches? How agile is the process to meet the end customer’s demand and reduce wastes? How may corporate assets work more effectively? - By working closely together, we identify the possible scenarios in order to achieve the customer’s objectives.

Digital Journey is:

Behave Digital.


We build a strategy with internal stakeholders and customers based on the value discovery and scenarios defined during the “think digital” process. - Evaluation of the most relevant scenarios, considering business and IT prospects and keeping business objectives achievement as main goal. Quantified solution demonstration, with benchmarking, cost implementation, and ROI estimate are the main aspects of this step, optimizing the value for money.

Digital Journey is:

Act Digital.


We conduct the project and implement the solution leveraging entrusted PQE methodologies | A transparent translation of value proposition into a deliverable solution, incorporating GxP compliance and technology enablers. Good IT Practice to minimize efforts to ensure Compliance

Digital Journey is:

Be Digital.


We establish continuous improvement of any value proposition turned into operational solution, enabling sustainable services | Continuous Monitoring, KPI analysis, Reports, Data Analytics and Awareness Program aligned with the businesses.


Digital Governance
Service Domains

Our Digital Governance Journey focuses on five different applicative areas, or Service Domains: from Cyber Security to Digital Enabler programs, passing for IT Infrastructure, System Lifecyle and IT Governance. Each area plays a key role in allowing your business to succeed in the new, digital world.

Cyber Security Services

An effective Cybersecurity Program run by professionals, supporting your business standing up on the market as well as effectively minimize risks.

  • Cybersecurity Assessment

  • CIS / NIST / ISO Security Framework

  • Risk Based Security Framework

  • Continuous Education

  • Security Surveillance

IT Infrastructure Services

From Devices specs to Servers Capability, from LAN/WAN bandwith to reliable cabling, we keep your IT infrastructure running and aligned to the most recent requirements, making your business grow at full potential.

  • ICT Assessment

  • IT Basic Design

  • ICT Strategy

  • Design Architecture

  • IT Implementation Management

  • Disaster Recovery Solution

  • IT Change & Release

  • IT Monitoring Tools

System Lifecycle Services

An integrated System approach, optimizing your business’ resources. Specific solutions allowing Business and IT departments to work together in compliance with the business strategy.

  • IS / IT Assessment

  • ERP Doctor

  • Software Selection

  • Process Analysis & Requirements

  • Implementation Project Management

  • Change Management

  • Technical & Regulatory E-Learning

IT Governance Services

We support your Leadership Team keeping a clear direction, ensuring your human resources understanding and participation to the Digital Transformation.

  • GDPR Assessment

  • Data Governance

  • ITIL Process

  • Due Diligence

  • IT Enhancement Program

  • Temporary IT Manager

  • Asset / Incident / Change Management

  • GDPR / ITIL Education

Digital Enabler Services Domain

Achieve digital success, with specifc business analysis and strategies helping your business adopting new technology as a sure competitive factor for your business today, and in the future.

  • Business Analysis

  • Data Lake Assessment

  • Data Lake Strategy & Design

  • Cloud Adoption Strategy

  • IIoT Implementation

  • AI Enabled Platforms

  • Data Analytics

Digital Governance | Think Digital. Behave Digital. Act Digital. Be Digital.

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