Our guide
to Israel

Welcome to February's chapter of our own PQE worldwide guide, where we will explore some of our consultants' recommendation for places to eat and visit when you visit our subsidiaries.

About our cover photo of the month

What you see in the picture is the Dead Sea, the world’s saltiest lake (and body of water for that matter). It is also located on Earth’s lowest elevation on land. His peculiar high salinity makes swimming very similar to floating, but also provides a very harsh environments for aquatic life, hence the name Dead Sea.

In the last 90 years, its surface area has been almost halved. This recession has been worrying local residents, so that many restoration projects have been proposed to stop the lake from receding so fast.

Where to eat


Dizengoff St 275

Tel Aviv

Suggested by Eleanor from PQE Israel

Manta Ray

Goldmann St 4

Tel Aviv

Suggested by Luisa from PQE Italy

Tishreen Restaurant

Mary's well‬, Al-Bishara St 56


Suggested by Marco from PQE Italy

What to visit

Francesca from PQE Italy suggested

Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Western Wall
Ancient ruins of Masada

Marco from PQE Italy suggested

Gardens on Mount Carmel
Old City of Jericho
Koziba Monastery

Corinna from PQE Italy suggested

Ein Ghedi
Lake of Tiberias
Old city of Jerusalem