Our guide
to China

Welcome to Septembers's chapter of our own PQE worldwide guide, where we will explore some of our consultants' recommendation for places to eat and visit when you visit our subsidiaries.

About our cover photo of the month

This month’s cover photo features the fascinating Hengshan Hanging Temple, located in Mount Heng, one of the Five Sacred Mountains of China, and completely built in oak wood. Besides having been build into a cliff’s precipice more than 1’500 years ago, the temple has become a notable tourist attraction also because it is the only temple to combines three different traditional philosophies: Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.

Where to eat

Bella Napoli

73 Nanhui Rd, Jing'an District


Suggested by Thomas from PQE Italy

Siji Mingfu

2 Dengshikou W St, Dong Dan

Dongcheng, Beijing

Suggested by Wenceslao from PQE Italy


15 Dapu Road, Huangpu District


Suggested by Alessio from PQE Italy

What to visit


View from the Bund
Nanjing East Road
Zhujiajiao Water Town

Suggested by Erica from PQE Italy


The Palace Museum
The Forbidden City
Great Wall of China
The Summer Palace

Suggested by Wenceslao from PQE Italy

Traveling like a local

Yunnan Province

Suggested by Shan Shunfang
and Xiaoyan Li from PQE Group China