Social Responsibility & Fundraising

help for friends

PQE Group feels socially responsible for education and research and development across the world.

Every year we support two important associations, Help 4 Friends and Rare Partners, both active in helping young kids in getting the same opportunities as everyone else.

Help 4 Friends was born in 2004 after a trekking trip to Nepal of the two funding partners. During their travels, they became aware of the extreme conditions of poverty and diffused illiteracy of the country where nowadays kids still don’t get education. Since then the dream of helping schools in Nepal became real, and today Help 4 Friends offers support to families and make sure kids have the opportunities to join classes. Moreover, the association guarantees a warm meal every day and basic medical insurances.
Help 4 Friends also supported Nepal after the earthquake of 2015. Given the extreme urgency, the partners raised enough help among their supporters and had the chance to re-build the Moonlight School in Kathmandu, along with some homes destroyed from the event.
PQE Group actively joined the cause by fundraising the constructions’ works and dispatching to its client wishing letters graphically designed from the kids of the Moonlight School, with the hope to see again their smiles while studying and getting ready for a better future.

A different reality is instead given from Rare Partners, an online company that develops products thanks to a huge collaboration with R&D Institutes, charities and service providers with the scope of supporting new treatments and solutions for rare diseases.
PQE today is a proud partner, constantly supporting projects across Italy and charity sport events. A recent checkpoint reached thanks to Rare Partners is represented fromduction of an artificial retina developed from the Italian Institute of Technology of Genova.

Once again PQE Group shows its global support, not just about Life Science’s services but also trying to help those who are in needs giving the small big chances to have a better future.