EU: GDPR is now a reality

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Published today in the Official Bulletin of the State, the legislative decree number 101/2018 aligns Italy to the GDPR rules that have been released on May 25th.
The decree will be active from September 19, 2018 and aims to bring a step forward for the transparency in the relations between patients and health service; as well known since the GDPR Day, its effects will greately impact the pharmaceutical Market, requesting every company to be in compliance with the requirements on personal data treatment: for example, every company will have to meet strict requirements as:

  • Privacy by design and by default
  • Allow extended jurisdiction
  • Immediate notification to interested parties in case of personal data violation
  • Portability right of personal data
  • Right to be forgotten

As being non-compliant to GDPR may lead to unexpected costs for the business and heavy sanctioning by the Authorities, the whole industry is rallying to get prepared for any eventual inspection and aligned to the mentioned rules.

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