Facebook opens to Pharma and MD ADV in Italy

Facebook MD Pharma Campaign - credits: Armando Testa.

Pharmaceutical and MD companies now have a brand new channel for their inbound marketing activities on the Italian market.
In fact, after the new Advertising Guidelines issued by Italian Ministry of Health, Facebook decided to open their platform to Pharma OTC and OTC-MD adv campaigns: a huge B2C market is about to be at reach for the players, enhancing their possibility to convert and their market access possibilities by placing their ads on FB, and Instagram.
You can read the full guidelines text here: still, to preserve the social users right to be informed, creativities and contents will be validated by the Health Ministry, and the possibility to comment posts and ads will stay disabled.
To communicate this important operation, Facebook Italian branch has launched, in cooperation with the renowned agency Armando Testa a multichannel B2B marketing campaign, both online and offline, dedicated to Pharma and MD decision-making operators, based on short videos and on a station domination (complete metro station temporary branding) at the ‘Assago Nord Mirafiori MM2’ station in Milan.

Credits: Armando Testa