Gilda D’Incerti at CoE for the Second International Week on Regulatory Affairs

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks in Mexico (Comision Federal para la Proteccion contra Riesgos Sanitarios or COFEPRIS) is pleased to announce the launch of the Second International Week on Regulatory Science and Good Regulatory Practices, organized by the Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Good Regulatory Practices (CoE) in collaboration with the National College of Chemist-Pharmaceutical-Biologists Mexico, A.C. (Colegio Nacional de Quimicos Farmacéuticos Biòlogos Mexico, A.C. or CNQFBM, A.C.)

For this occasion our CEO Gilda D’Incerti will attend as speaker on 29th November from 15:30 to 16:00.

She has been invited, taking into consideration her experience and commitment to the health sector, to explain the evolution of GxP, with emphasis on the current challenges and opportunities in term of training and learning for the regulatory professional.

This event will gather health and regulatory affairs specialists from all around the world to share knowledge and experiences about current and future global health threats, the role of Regulatory Science and Good Regulatory Practices in achieving Universal Healthcare Coverage through innovation, regulatory harmonization and convergence, dissemination and use of international recognized standards, learning, training and experience gathering in regulation and health practices.

To participate to the event, click here.