PQE Group for Social Responsibility: volunteering experience in a school in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Press Release - PQE Group CSR volunteering activities for employees Nepal Moonlight School

Reggello (FI) 20th May 2019 – Last December, the PQE Group communication department sent an email to the 600 employees with an invitation to participate in a contest: the prize consisted of a 10-day trip to Nepal, where in addition to trekking, resources will have the possibility to be volunteer for a week at the Moonlight School in Kathmandu.

The invitation was answered in large numbers by all the branches in the world, so as to change the number of participants during the work. “Initially – says Thomas Carganico, Communication and Marketing manager – our idea was to send two resources, then when we realized the strong interest of our employees, we expanded the possibility, choosing six”.

The participants, to be selected, had to send a short video in which they told the reasons that would have earned them the victory. So Gilda D’Incerti, CEO and founder of PQE, after having viewed all the works, chose a team that was as heterogeneous as possible, made up of people from different countries and who had< different company tasks.

To accompany the group, in addition to an internal person of PQE, there was also a young girl graduated in pedagogy who will have the task of supporting the team in activities with children.
Moreover, to give greater resonance to the project, the colleagues were followed throughout their experience by a team of directors who realized the “Flying Dreams” documentary. This film tells about the voluntary work, but gives voice to the children themselves and the their families, who have seen their world change after the 2015 earthquake that partly destroyed the city of Kathmandu, raising it by one meter.

The employees (of which four Italians, one Mexican and one Moldovan) carred out their volunteer activity at the Moonlight elementary school which thanks to the support of PQE and of the association “Help for
Friends” has succeeded in being reborn after the terrible seismic damage.
The school, located in one of the poorest areas of its capital, since 2009 provides free and quality education
to 160 children from kindergarten age until the completion of primary school.

“For years I have chosen to support the Moonlight School – explains Gilda D’Incerti – because I immediately believed in the project of its founder Santosh Koirala, which unlike others, allowed to educate girls, in a society where access to education for women was largely nil. Therefore the idea that I feel a lot, that there should be equal opportunities for men and women is the thing that pushed me to follow this initiative. I also believe – continues D’Incerti – very much in this kind of activity and it is for this reason that I have considered it essential to give a group of employees the opportunity to make this experience, allowing them to touch a reality very different from ours. When in PQE I talk about ethics and social issues, they seem like smoky speeches; in reality behind all this there is something that can change people’s lives, through small gestures.”

“This project – comments Thomas Carganico – does not simply want to be an internal communication initiative, but much more, because it wants to convey a universal value of equality. We think that in a< historical moment like this it is necessary to take a clear position, re-launching the founding values in which PQE Group strongly believes ”.

In the current historic moment, PQE Group, with the Moonlight School project and the documentary “Flying Dreams”, takes a clear position re-launching the founding values in which it believes. It does with a double meaning: on the one hand it demonstrates that there are universal gestures capable of breaking down the wall of prejudice, fear and diversity; on the other hand it has shown to small Nepalese students that it is possible to dream and that there is a world that awaits them beyond becoming a skilled carrier or a loving mother.

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