‘Flying Dreams’: PQE presents Nepal initiative documentary

Nepal Flying Dreams documentary CSR PQE group social responsibility

The Premiére featured at “Festival of Culture – Summer Nights 2019”

Reggello (FI) 16 July 2019 – The documentary “Flying Dreams”, produced by PQE Group, has been presented last 16th July in Reggello on the occasion of “Festival of culture”.
“We are truly honoured – explains Thomas Carganico, communication and marketing manager – to present this work because we believe it is essential to make known another important side of our company, namely that of social responsibility as a single means to spread ethical values to our employees and not only.” The education and dreams of the children of Kathmandu, the difficulties of being female in the patriarchal society of Nepal, the importance of acting in their own small way to make a difference: these are the themes told in the documentary directed by Pamela Montagnini and Roberto Tronconi, through the images of Nepali everyday life.

From the Subsidiaries all over the world, a volunteering trip to Kathmandu, Nepal

Last May a group of six employees, selected from among the 18 company offices in the world, carried out voluntary work at the Moonlight elementary school, which thanks to the support of the PQE Group and the Parma association “Help for Friends” was able to reborn after the terrible earthquake of 2015. The school, located in one of the poorest areas of its capital, since 2009 provides free and quality education to 160 children from kindergarten age until the completion of primary school.

A tangible Social Responsibilty project, sponsored by the C.E.O. Gilda D’Incerti

«I decided to support this project because – explains Gilda D’Incerti, CEO and founder of PQE Group – I’ve been stuck by its strong point: differently from others, the school founder Santosh Koirala was inspired by the idea of providing education for girls, and this in a social environment in which chances of access to education were simply non-existing for women. What pushed me into this project is my strongly felt belief that men and women deserve equal opportunities. My talks – continues D’Incerti – about social sphere and ethics at PQE might sound vague words, posters, or virtual reality; behind this instead, there is something that is able to change people’s life.
«My hope is to get them a message of truth. Even if what we are doing are small things because our means are small, still we are doing real things and I wish them to realize how people’s life can be changed by even tiny gestures. I hope them to bring this back to those who stayed home and make them starting to have faith in the idea».

Strong values to foster Change and give children a future

In the current historic moment, PQE Group, with the Moonlight School project and the documentary “Flying Dreams”, takes a clear position re-launching the founding values in which it believes. It does with a double meaning: on the one hand it demonstrates that there are universal gestures capable of breaking down the wall of prejudice, fear and diversity; on the other hand it has shown to small Nepalese students that it is possible to dream and that there is a world that awaits them beyond becoming a skilled carrier or a loving mother.