PQE Group and Rephine: a partnership for excellence

PRESS RELEASE - PQE Group and Rephine partnership for excellence

Reggello, 22nd Oct. – PQE Group is delighted to announce its new partnership with Rephine, a UK based multinational audit and consultancy company that supports the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on GMP and GCP compliance, as well as regulatory matters.

Both born in 1998, PQE Group and Rephine share the same mission, achieving excellence. Both have received several awards for being among the top companies in their countries and business sectors.

While PQE Group is a global leader in Data Integrity and CSV quality services, Rephine is a leader in GMP & GCP Compliance. Its library of GMP Audit Reports includes more than 200 reports and covers over 5,000 individual products, making Rephine the largest provider of third-party GMP audit reports in Europe.

“I am very pleased to announce the collaboration between Rephine and PQE. We have both been successful in our separate areas for 21 years and I am confident that our new partnership will spark further exciting innovation related to the pharmaceutical industry. By maximizing the service development talents and resources at both companies, we expect to enhance and enlarge the services that we provide to the industry worldwide, while maintaining the highest quality standards that have been our trademark.” – Dr Rino Coladangelo, CEO, Rephine

“I am very proud of this partnership since together we can provide an added value to the pharmaceutical sector.
Our broad service portfolio, extensive experience, effective project management, and exceptional cost-effectiveness have already proven to be a winning combination for global corporations, as well as small and medium-sized companies, and we are very happy to pair with Rephine to achieve compliance at all levels.” – Danilo Neri, Vice President Operations, PQE Group

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