EU MDR 2017-745: New Cybersecurity Requirements for Networked MD producers

by Danilo Maruccia,
Executive Consultant & Business Partner – PQE Group

As EU MDR 2017-745 Regulation deadline is approaching, cybersecurity for Medical Devices has become a main concern for all Networked Medical Devices manufacturing companies. In the video below, we’ll review the most important requirements an MD company has to fulfill to achieve Compliance and ensure safety in its Medical Devices. Click on the thumbnail below to start the video.

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PQE Group developed a specific holistic Approach to verify and assure that our client’s have the highest level of cyber security, analysing and solving any possible vulnerabilities, preventing future observations and violations: If you want to know more about MD Cybersecurity, get more deepening knowledge about how most important Regulatory Authorities regulated this important topic, and how PQE Group can support MD companies minimizing the risk of vulnerabilities that may lead to heavy unexpected costs, download our FREE Medical Devices Cybersecurity Guide about major local regulations address Cybersecurity (FDA, EMA, Canada, and more).

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