PQE Academy: Nourish talents

“The PQE Academy was born from the company’s determination to enhance its human resources by giving concrete support to their professional growth. It is an internal ongoing training project that has become a school of talents to improve the staff’s knowledge both in terms of soft skills and hard skills. Having solid internal know-how and being a world leader in the sector, we have focused on internal and open knowledge transfer as regards the didactics of technical subjects. We have developed a library of 52 courses, subdivided into modules of various levels concerning technical topics like compliance, CSV, pharmaco-regulation, and many issues.

As for the soft skills, the leading pieces of training are connected to public speaking and are included in the Talent Management School project. Here, employees are recruited and considered talented according to their skills and enthusiasm in their work.

We have also established additional partnerships with external educational institutions for leadership, assertiveness, communication, and time management courses. A cornerstone of the Academy is the broad spectrum of subjects covered, which indeed represents a different asset.

There are two ways to join the Academy, and both require at least 18 months of seniority in PQE Group. The first path is through a merit-based recommendation from the project manager: the company itself assumes the commitment and responsibility to invest in a candidate through a performance review process. Another way of approaching the Academy is in a deficiency or necessity in the operational work that can be solved through the employee’s attendance to one or more courses.

Over a year after its launch, the results of the Academy are excellent. Following the beginning of the project, we have had impressive growth in company retention and career advancement plans. Almost all alumni have been able to progress to higher levels. In addition to education, which allows us to match employee training to business objectives, we have enhanced value by establishing a strong sense of community among the corporate population, as witnessed by the alumni.

Thanks to the PQE Academy, the resources also can get in touch with different departments, understand how they work, and, consequently, deepen the company’s functioning.”

Corinna Pacciani – HR People Development Manager