Medical Cannabis: Indoor Growing

by: Nima Naimi – Quality Engineering Project Manager @ PQE Group

What is a greenhouse and why do we need it?

A greenhouse is a facility intended for plant growth. Besides ensuring the perfect conditions for the growth of a plant, we can also prevent the contamination with any foreign materials. Another aspect is that having that sort of a containment area for narcotic and psychoactive substances is often required by the local authorities.

Main characteristics of a greenhouse

The thermo-hygrometric conditions are fundamental for the proliferation of plants. When designing the type of installation/construction with an environment under controlled thermo-hygrometric conditions, the following factors must be considered:

  • The planimetric shape is strongly linked to the thermo-hygrometric conditions, the number of plants, water system, lamps and HVAC
  • Appropriate materials and joints must be chosen in order to avoid any damage to the plants as some materials can be toxic
  • Type of thermo-hygrometric monitoring equipment used and its’ adequacy and quantity with respect to the risk level of plant storage
  • The setting and monitoring equipment should be placed in locations with the greatest temperature variability. The points are determined through a thermal mapping study. These points must include spots with highest and lowest value of the entire system
  • Monitoring equipment must be calibrated periodically and certified to function properly. Equipment certification must be traceable at a national standard
  • A proper design must meet the maintenance requirement for the system such as the time required for its execution during the production downtime
  • An alert/alarm system must be put in place for critical systems to ensure the best thermo-hygrometric conditions to the plants
  • An adequate fertigation system, capable of managing recipes with different time and quantity values
  • A lighting system and periodic light mapping
  • A backup of critical plants


Indoor growing is a method, which has demonstrated numerous benefits in medical cannabis cultivation. The knowledge and requirements describing how to construct such a facility include (among others) best practices from agriculture and engineering.

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