PQE US Inc., part of PQE Group, recognized as a Great Place to Work®

great place to work PQE

The global, leading pharmaceutical consulting company receives certification in the U.S. as a work environment where “you trust the people you work for, take pride in what you do, and have fun with the people you work with.”

Rockville, MD, June 23, 2022 – With steadfast listening and support, well-structured corporate benefit plans, and broad flexibility, PQE maintains a continuous dialogue with its employees. As a result, PQE Group, among the leading international consulting firms in the pharma world, has achieved recognition in the United States by Great Place to Work®, the world authority on workplace culture. After analyzing the feedback of U.S. employees and after collecting HR policies, the organization declared that the PQE USA Affiliate is an excellent work environment “where employees believe in the people they work for, take pride in what they do, and are comfortable with the people they work with.”

On average, in companies that have achieved Great Place to Work® recognition, 83 percent of employees report being satisfied with their work experience; at PQE US Inc., the threshold goes far beyond that. Here, more than 92 percent of employees affirmed that people are always placed at the heart of the company’s strategies and that there is a perfect work-life balance. In addition, 92 percent feel that PQE Group is a great place to work, compared with 57% of most US company employees. For more survey results, visit Working at PQE Group | Great Place to Work®.

“We are honored to have achieved this important recognition,” said Federico Ceccarelli, Partner, Vice President of PQE US Inc.“The epicenter of PQE Group’s business strategies has always been the well-being of its employees. Especially in light of the pandemic years that forced us to re-evaluate work paradigms, such a high satisfaction threshold of the U.S. team is vivid evidence of how these policies have created a masterful organizational climate and culture. I believe maintaining this culture is critical to supporting the important expansion plans we have set for our company.”

Indeed, the firm’s interest in the U.S. market is strong. PQE Group already has offices in the outskirts of Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Furthermore, the recent merger between PQE Group and United Pharma Technologies Inc., a staffing agency based in New Jersey, USA, represents a close alliance that will allow PQE Group to scale up projects’ staff and capabilities faster and more efficiently.

“While I was previously aware of PQE’s successes,” Vasantha Madasu, President and CEO of United Pharma Technologies Inc. and now Chief Talent Officer for PQE US Inc. stated,“after meeting Gilda D’Incerti, the Founder and CEO of PQE Group, I understand the force behind it. I admire her vision and her drive to not only be successful in business but also in the many global CSR’s she fosters. As a woman in the business world, I look forward to having her as a mentor. I am excited about our continued work on the global front in both business and the charitable activities which are very close to my heart. PQE has exceptional subject matter experts and a very strong sales team. If PQE’s exceptional Sales and SMEs are the hand, UPTs skilled resources are the glove. We wish to support and exceed expectations in this partnership,” concluded Vasantha, who now also serves as PQE Group Chief Talent Officer for the Americas.

Founded in 1998, PQE Group is a women owned consulting company operating in life sciences. Since 2012 the CEO& Founder of the group, Gilda D’Incerti, has opened 28 offices worldwide, developing a network of contacts on an international level. Certified ISO 9001 since March 2003, PQE Group has been characterized as a Complete Quality Solutions Provider for companies operating both nationally and internationally. It currently has more than 1500 employees distributed throughout the operational offices in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Israel, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, India, China and Japan. In recent years PQE Group has been focusing more on the U.S. market, and has opened three offices located in the outskirts of Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Its’ fourth location in the US is planned to open in California.