New EU GMP Annex 1: Implications for QRM application

New EU GMP Annex 1 – Implications for QRM application by Alessio Rosati Sterility Assurance Executive Consultant – PQE Group The issues exposed in this article will be discussed in Contamination Control Strategy – Next year’s challenge for Pharma Quality Systems, from new EU GMP Annex 1″ free Webinar by PQE, next March 9th@ 10 […]

Smart Working: dealing with IT support implications

Smart Working: dealing with IT support implications by Dario Palese Current global health emergency situation is forcing the most of companies to maximize the smart working solution: In order to ensure the same performance whether working in the office or in smart working, IT services need to face this new reality. This means to refocus […]

Windows 7 to 10 migration strategy

How to deal with Windows end-of-life

We consider the potential risks for Pharma and MD companies keeping their systems running on obsolete Windows versions and a good strategy to get up to date.