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A snapshot of Serialization in Pharmaceutical Industry

A snapshot of Serialization in Pharmaceutical Industry. by Danilo Neri, PQE Group VP Operations & Partner Most of the regulated agencies have established serialization and aggregation in order to fight counterfeiting and to enhance the level of control of the entire supply chain related to pharmaceutical Products.

Validation Engineer | Morgantown, WV – USA

IT Validation Consultant | Boston – MA, USA

PQE Group Smart Pharmaceutical Manufacturing SPUMONI Coalition - Fareva - University Thessaly - Politechnic Valencia - National College Ireland - EU presidency CHIST-ERA Smart Industry

PQE leads the Smart Pharmaceutical Manufacturing coalition (SPuMoNI)

A call for Smart Industry by CHIST-ERA on Big Data and Process Modelling A programme for European Coordinated Research on Long-term Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and ICT-based scientific challenges, CHIST-ERA annually calls for research proposals on key emerging topics. In 2017, the brief was ‘Big Data and process modelling for smart industry’. Partnering with […]

NCF – Notiziario chimico Farmaceutico

NCF – Notiziario Chimico Farmaceutico, Italy – 05/02/2019 Interview to Danilo Neri and Paolo Benatti: “La parola d’ordine è Internazionalizzazione” – Challenges and main strategies for PQE while conquering new markets worldwide. Click here to read the full story! (Italian Language).

Claudio Puglisi Elected PDA Italy Chapter Liaison and External Relationship board member

Claudio Puglisi chosen for PDA Executive Committee

PDA Italy Chapter has chosen the new Chief Operating Officer of PQE Group, Claudio Puglisi, as a member of the executive committee for the role of Chapter Liaison and External Relationship. Claudio Puglisi joined the PDA in 1998 as a member and has distinguished himself over the years thanks to his participation in International conferences […]

Chinese e-commerce ready to conquer the health market

With a value of 122.6 billion dollars in 2017, which in 2022 will reach a figure of 145 and 175 billion dollars, the Chinese pharmaceutical market was the second largest in the world, after the US. A huge development that has not gone unnoticed by Alibaba, the Chinese colossus of e-commerce, who last June after […]

Facebook MD Pharma Campaign - credits: Armando Testa.

Facebook opens to Pharma and MD ADV in Italy

Pharmaceutical and MD companies now have a brand new channel for their inbound marketing activities on the Italian market. In fact, after the new Advertising Guidelines issued by Italian Ministry of Health, Facebook decided to open their platform to Pharma OTC and OTC-MD adv campaigns: a huge B2C market is about to be at reach […]