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Corporate Social Responsibility
"Be the Change you wish to see in the World"
(M. Gandhi)

Together we make a better world.

We strongly believe that our success is tied to the well-being of the community and the environment which we belong to.
Making ours Ghandi's "Be the Change you wish to see in the World" motto, we take it into action with our commitment to Social Responsibility goals like Sustainable Development, Gender Equality, protection of the Environment, Health and Safety.

Our Impact

We actively work together to achieve our ambitious goals, fostering Social Change and Environmental Sustainability with multiple programs and collaborating with important Charity Associations in Italy and the World.

Environment & Sustainability


Health & Rare Diseases

WaMi - Water for Africa
Help For Friends | Moonlight School
RarePartners supporting research on Rare Diseases

We are committed to protect the environmental preservation and development in underdeveloped areas of the world: multiple awareness programs are conducted internally, together with charity projects and sustainable development fundraising.

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We are also reducing our carbon and plastic footprint, introducing good practices in all our subsidiaries around the world: in order comply with zero CO2 emissions PQE decided to implement a program named "CLOSER TO THE SITE - LESS CO2 EMISSIONS", fostering a cost-effective service delivery improving the environmental respect through our daily work.

closer to site, less co2 emissions

Since our day one we invest in Human Developement, supporting global children right to education and school access, thinking that every child should be able to get a good instruction, regardless of his/her family financial conditions, or caste, or ethnicity; that's why we realize our commitment collaborating with Charity Associations like Help For Friends, with both economic support and local Volunteering initiatives involving our employees.

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We stand together with fight against rare diseased, collaborating with Rare Partners, supporting their non-profit research and participating to charity fundraising events in Italy and in the World with our individuals. We work for a future where secure treatment for most rare diseases will be available for everyone. Also, our activity itself is committed to raise quality and security of pharmaceutical products, to grant patients' health and safety.

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People & Empowerment

Empowerment Social Change

Taking into Action

Volunteering and Social Awareness

Change must come from ourselves first. Therefore, one of our main concerns is to promote awareness and active social participation, through numerous Monthly Awareness programs and Social Volunteering calls to action: seeding consciousness is the first step to make everyone actively contribute to Change, with tangible results, and Empowerment means to us giving people the occasions and the means to make the difference for a future, sustainable world we all belong together to.

Equal Opportunities and Inclusion in PQE

Inclusion & Equal Opportunities

We take in great consideration to grant equal opportunities for men and women in our group, and managing differences and inclusion with specific actions, productions, and cultural awareness courses, to give representativity to all the 45+ Nationalities among our employees worldwide.


Participate to Social Discussion

We take in great consideration our internal and external stakeholders' opinion on Social Responsibility matters. Join our discussion on our Social Networks to know more about our social commitment and activities, and share with us your feedback and thoughts on how to help us incentivating the Change for a better future.



In our activities, we recognize the fundamental importance of the principles of Transparency in decisions and activities that impact on society and the environment, Accountability for the impacts on society and the environment. We respect the Law and International Norms of Behaviour as a mandatory practice to be maintained at all times. We Respect Human Rights, and recognize both their importance and their universality. All these values are incorporated in our Code of Conduct.

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