Empowering People to foster the Change.

Change, is made through personal and social development. Starting from our employees, PQE's convencement is improve people's participation to the community, giving them not only the right but also the responisibility to become better citizens of this world. We therefore incentivate everybody to develope their knowledge on fundamental topics as diversity and inclusion, human rights, environmental sustainability. As being passive is not a synonym of Change, everyone's invited to take a stand, to activate and practice the Change, starting from everyday life to coordinated volunteering and charity projects.

Promoting Awareness on ethical and social topics

We conduct several monthly Awareness Campaigns to raise attention on the most important ethical and social topics such as Human rights, Green Economy, Diversity and Inclusion, LGBT and Women rights, both internally and on social media platforms. A new campaign is monthly delivered on all our communications channels, to reach people and stimulate conversation within employees, our stakeholders and our brand.

27 January Holocaust Remembrance day
May 17 Pride Day Against Homophobia
November 25 Day for elimination violence against women
March 22 Water Day-Save Water
December 10th Human rights Day

Teambuilding, Charity and People Activation

Our priority is giving people not only the awareness and the tools, but also the occasions to create Change. For this reason, we dedicate several work hours every year to teambuilding activities related to ethics, culture, equality and charity: from volunteering to Charity Runs, letting people express themselves taking words into action both on the workplace and outside, raising social participation by having fun together.

Active Volunteering Teambuilding and Charity by PQE - Moonlight school Nepal
Active Volunteering Teambuilding and Charity by PQE - Rare Partners Florence Charity Relay Run