Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunities.

equal opportunities for employees in PQE

We actively encourage self-expression and respect for people, as well as consider diversity as a value and a key asset to grow together, to successfully conduct and innovate both business and society, and therefore to foster Change. We're truly committed to give equal opportunities to all of our employees, and to maintain a safe workplace, with absolutely no discriminations regarding sex, race, gender, age, religion, disability or ethnicity.

Managing inclusion & Diversity

Cultural Awareness is promoted and fostered internally through a series of initiatives:

A main driver of building cultural awareness and manage diversity consists in producing internally digital media and a physical Magazine (PQE Group Magazine) about cultures and traditions from all the countries and nationalities represented in PQE Group, delivered monthly to better reach all our employees with cultura deepening content and stories; We work to share knowledge and build a sense of global community, breaking down cultural barriers between people to allow everybody to share their time and work together better.

More than 45 nationalities are nowadays represented in PQE at all levels among more than 600 employess, everyone with their different skills, life, culture, traditions, career background. Since People are for us the true value of the company, we work everyday to give everybody the right to express themselves on the workplace, and actively and effectively interact with colleagues and managers.

Cultural Awareness Programs

Cultural Awareness training programs held by professionals are offered to employees, to increase their understanding of other cultures, sensitize them about diversity- and inclusivity-related topics.

Granting equal opportunities & for Women and Men

Men Women share in PQE

Same career prospects and opportunities are granted for both men and women in PQE, indipendently from their gender. We work to continuously increase towards parity the share of Women employees in our group: as of today, more than 40% are women employees.