With new advanced technologies and new standards for Compliance and Cybersecurity, developing an intelligent network and infrastructure is a top level priority for Life Science businesses. Choose PQE Group’s all-in-one integrated solutions to coordinate your Corporate Digital Development.

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IT Governance

Create value aligning corporate strategy and IT projects.

IT Infrastructure

Design a flexible and strategic infrastructure to adapt and grow.


A roadmap to assess vulnerabilities and protect your systems.

System Lifecycle

Keep your systems alive and up to date while boosting efficiency.

Digital Enablers

Enhance digitalization with business analysis and winning strategies.

Is your system up to date?

Today more than ever, Pharmaceutical and MD businesses can’t afford connectivity or security issues.
Don’t risk losing quality and trust: choose the right training, guidance and support.

  • Boost smart working efficiency
  • Turn IT into a strategic asset
  • Adapt to market changes and evolutions
  • Protect your systems form vulnerabilities
  • Be competitive and leverage your business potential
  • Train your resources to use new technologies

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Remote connectivity issues?

The current global health crisis has forced many companies to apply the Smart Working solution. In order to ensure easy access, privacy, support and business continuity, IT departments are faced with a new challenge.

Read our article on how to deal with these implications and get even more insight with our free flyer guide, ready to download without registration.

Why is MD Cybersecurity so important?

The same innovation in the Life Science field that allow us to have intelligent and connected Medical Devices, also brings numerous hidden risks threatening products' functionality and patients’ safety.

Read our insight article to understand why Cybersecurity has become a main concern and get more deepening knowledge with our free PDF guide.

Digital Journey guide

Get your free copy of our guide and learn how to get your business digitally-advanced in compliance with the latest regulations.


Browse our Knowledge Gallery and view our free online seminars about Cyber Security among many other on-demand webinars.

Turn-key Solutions

Read our quick flyer guide about PQE Group's turnkey solutions, methodology and value proposition for IT Technical Services.

Why PQE?

PQE Group, with teams of qualified IT experts and a proven knowledge in new technologies, suppliers and best practices, can support clients comply with Pharma and Medical Device regulations and standards thanks to a fully customizable IT service model with tangible cost-effective benefits.

All you need in only one package

Choosing and independent partner as PQE Group means to access a wide range of integrated solutions ranging from management to business continuity to regulatory affairs. We deliver all our cross-cutting Digital Governance services supported by our partnership with DOTS, part of our group and long-time expert in IT Governance and Technical Services.

Full Service Portfolio

Digital Governance Full Service Portfolio

  • GDPR assessment
  • IT Enhancement program
  • IT Master plan
  • Due Diligence
  • Service Management
  • Performance Management
  • ICT assessment and strategy
  • Design Architecture
  • Project Implementation
  • Change Management
  • ERP Doctor
  • IS assessment
  • Process analysis and requirement
  • Software selection
  • Testing management
  • Maturity assessment
  • Cybersecurity framework
  • ISMS Program development
  • Incident response
  • Employees awareness campaigns
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Lake Assessment, Strategy & Design
  • Cloud Adoption Strategy
  • IoT Implementation
  • AI Enabled Platforms
  • Data Analytics
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