With new advanced technologies and new standards for Compliance and Cybersecurity, developing an intelligent network and infrastructure is a top level priority for Life Science businesses. Choose PQE Group’s all-in-one integrated solutions to coordinate your Corporate Digital Development.

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IT Operations

Get cross-cutting support by our qualified tech experts.

IT Projects

Develop, migrate, fix and upgrade your infrastructures.


Assess vulnerabilities and plan to protect your network.

Quality by Design

Lay out a bullet-proof strategy for managing systems.

Remote Delivery

Work in total safety with smart technologies for management.

All you need in one package

Here is why you should choose PQE Group as your compliance and quality service provider.

  • Teams of qualified IT experts
  • Proven knowledge in new technologies
  • Familiarity with suppliers and manufacturing best practices
  • Supporting Pharmaceutical and Medical Device firms
  • Fully customizable IT service models
  • Cost-effective solutions

In-depth focus

IT solutions for smart working

Ensure easy access, privacy, support and business continuity.

Cybersecurity for connected MD

Protect your product’s functionality and patients’ safety.

On Demand Webinars

Check out our free online seminars about Cyber Security topics.

Ready to innovate?

The Life Science industry is evolving fast.
We developed our Advanced Remote Technologies to help your business reach its fullest potential.
Discover today the smartest assets to keep up and enhance your quality system.

  • Perform virtual audits
  • Get access to augmented reality technologies
  • Validate systems remotely
  • Transform your paper records in electronic data
  • Cut distances, costs and risks
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Digital Governance Full Service Portfolio

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