An internal research task force
to fight fake news

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How we fight the infodemic

In the midst of the recent global health crisis, our community has experienced one less predictable but not less dangerous side effect: the outbreak of unchecked — and often unreliable — information regarding the pandemic.

As part of the Life Science world, PQE Group takes great effort in improving the monitoring and output of data for the wellbeing of the world we live in. We believe it is our mission to provide safe informations and so we gave our competent employees the opportunity to take part in a dispatch project and investigate the news related to COVID-19.

Six different

Topics of discussion

Our aim is to answer to the most frequently asked question about Coronavirus with easy-to-understand vocabulary, helping the general public's comprehension of complex scientific topics.

How did SARS-CoV2 evolved from a genetic perspective? How can we reduce the impact of epidemics in the future?

Science Input

What are the PROs and CONs of drug therapies and vaccines to fight COVID-19?

Science Output

Which is the probability that new epidemic phenomena could occur in the future? Which variables affect the number of infections?

Big Data

How can climate and environmental factors influence the morbidity, spread and clinical course of the disease?

Social Economy

What changes can we expect to see in the economic world map? How does this health crisis differ from past crisis?


What legal frameworks did each country and WHO have already in place? What impact did technology have on personal freedoms and data privacy?


Key Concepts

A common vocabulary

Creating a dispatch of trustful information means to translate complex notions in simpler wording. Jacopo De Santa, PhD and Coordinator of the Infodemic task force, agreed to shed light on the main subjects regarding pandemics with quick clarifying videopills.

Tune in each week to view our all new contribution to the discussion.

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