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Since its recent legalization, Medical Cannabis has proven to have an incredible therapeutic potential, with significant achievements in mitigating anxiety, pain and nausea, while helping with cognition, sleep and even movement issues or serious neurological and immune deficiency disorders.

Thanks to its non-psychoactive nature, its soothing power and its mild and fugitive adverse effects, Cannabidiol — the “harmless” molecule contained in hemp plants — is gaining momentum and popularity in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, establishing a billions Euro worth new business.

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Medical Cannabis

Learn which standards must be applied to production and distribution.

Raw and non psychotropic stump of Cannabis can be made not only into medications — varying from oils, capsules, sprays and vapors — but also into ingredients for cosmetics and food.
Each of these products must meet the principles of quality and Good Practices set in place by international and local laws. Read as our leading consultants guide you through the recent history of Medical Cannabis and the rules policing on its manufacturing process.

Update your primary processes and assure the quality of your product.

While most medical organization have stated support of allowing access to medical cannabis, countries like the United States of America regard even therapeutic stumps of cannabis as a “Schedule I controlled substance”, meaning a matter to be strictly regulated.
Those firms who wish to invest in this field must know their market and always be compliant to the newest quality standards. With PQE Group's tailored program, specifically intended for the Medical Cannabis industry, you can guarantee safety and effectiveness while protecting your business from costly observations.

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