Be The Change

As a LifeScience consulting company, we take great pride in our effort to improve the well-being of the community we live in.
Working with volunteering organizations and charity associations, we foster an active social participation amongst our workers to lead by example and prove that it is possible to make a difference.

Be a part of our movement and click the button below to discover how you can do your part.

Social Justice

Past Projects

Donating for guaranteeing a direct access to clean water for 15 families in the Tenghori village, Senegal, while committing to reduce carbon and plastic footprints in all our subsidiaries.

Rare Partners is a non-profit organization that combines donation funds with scientific know-how so to help the development of new therapies and diagnostics in the field of rare diseases.

Non-profit organization that provides free quality education to more than 160 children, girls included, in one of the poorest neighbourhood of Nepal's capital city Kathmandu.

As a WAMI partner, PQE Group also supports the efforts of the non-profit organization Selva Urbana Lab, that aims at improving big cities' communities by the creation of urban forests.

New pledges

Supporting the socio-economical emancipation of destitute, widowed or abandoned women in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, by supplying professional training, funds and business strategies.

A program that helps families forced to travel far in order to access essential medical care, by undertaking the financial burden while also providing education and other kinds of support.

With the support of AMARE Onlus, PQE Group has funded the construction water distribution system that will provide clean, drinkable water to the contiguous villages around Hosanna, Ethiopia.

Santa Severa Museum

After the discovery of an ancient Roman site underneath Rome, PQE has partnered with the archaeologists to uncover the remainings and secure them in a soon-to-be-opened museum.

Our commitment

Nothing for granted.

While continuing promoting yearly programs and monthly activities to enhance involvement and foster a positive change, we want to encourage you to get into action and start small right now by donating to your favorite cause.