R&D Projects

Future comes from innovation, and innovation strives with information, research and knowledge. As a quality solutions provider, we undertake specialty Research & Development Projects aside our core services to sustain initiatives with a high value for the Life Science industry and overall the global community we live in.

Ongoing Projects

Infodemic Task Force

An internal research team created to analyze and evaluate data, news and sources, giving back safe information and debunking fake news.

Smart Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

A partnership between industrial experts and academic institutes to create a new state-of-the-art system to support the Pharmaceutical industry.

Infodemic Task Force

With the recent global health crisis, our community has been flooded with unverified news. Having the privilege of working with scientific graduates and PhD as our consultants, PQE Group has taken on the social responsibility of conducting an in-depth research work to evaluate and verify facts and myths about the current pandemic, engaging in the scientific divulgation process with easy publications for the general public to understand.


Presented at the CHIST-ERA Projects Seminar and co-funded by the European Union, the SPuMoNI projects brings together the expertise of leaders in the pharmaceutical production system, Istituto de Angeli Fareva, with University partners from Ireland, Greece and Spain.

PQE Group coordinated the consortium, allowing the team to reach the project’s objective: assess data produced by computerized systems using Blockchain, Big Data Mining and intelligent software technologies in order to to design a compliant quality model, identify behavior patterns that may violate ALCOA+ premises and, finally, develop a prototype system that can improve the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

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