Vaccine Technology Transfer

A complete service pack to ease and support your technology transfer to contract manufacturers maintaining compliance through the entire product lifecycle.

From masterplan to execution.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary capabilities, regulatory experience and multitasking teams on a global scale, PQE provides your business the possibility of a complete set of Quality Solutions to safely transfer technology to your anti-covid vaccine contract manufacturer worldwide: from Technology Transfer Masterplan to Plant and Instruments qualification and calibrations, from Data Integrity to Suppliers Management, CSV and Regulatory Dossier review, we support your business transferring the technology for outsourced vaccine production with a full-coverage Process and Project Control, assuring Compliance and Cost-control.

Boost production worldwide.

Vaccine production technology transfer is a complex operation, in which the expertise and capabilities of a trustful Quality Provider can put your business at safe from non-compliance risks and failures.

  • Assess your contract manufacturers
  • Prepare for regulatory authority’s inspections
  • Keep and boost business continuity
  • Protect your products and users
  • Expand worldwide presence
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